Evans Lookout

Evans Lookout at Blackheath is a great Blue Mountains lookout, and not only because it is a starting point for a couple of excellent walking tracks including the Cliff Top track and the Grand Canyon track. At Evans Lookout there is plenty of room to make yourself at home and enjoy a picnic lunch while overlooking the Blue Mountains National Park. This lookout is also a perfect sunset spot — settle in and watch on as golden hour lights up the sandstone cliffs of the valley.


Evans Lookout Rd, Blackheath, Blue Mountains National Park.

Nearest Train Station:

Blackheath Train Station is 5.6km from Evans Lookout, and about a 1 hour walk.

A great way to experience to Evans Lookout if walking and using public transport is to get off at Blackheath Station, walk 30-45mins to Govetts Leap, and do the Cliff Top track from Govetts Leap to Evans Lookout, and then return the way you came. It’s a 12km walk all up, and you’ll get to experience two fantastic lookouts and a great Blue Mountains walking track with views across Blue Mountains National Park.


  • Car park

  • Toilets

  • Picnic tables

Nearby hikes:

  • Cliff Top walk

  • Grand Canyon

Visit for:

  • the sweeping valley views

  • the proximity to the Grand Canyon and Cliff Top tracks