The Three Sisters at Katoomba

I started my new year in the mountains (begin as you mean to go on and all that). The was sky overcast, and Katoomba was unusually quiet, as most people slept off the previous evening's celebrations.

Of course, there were still some people about... short of stopping by in the dead of night, there's really no time to visit Katoomba and its most popular of attractions — the Three Sisters — without encountering at least a few fellow travellers. But I'd hazard a guess that visiting on the morning of January 1 will give you a far quieter experience than just about any other morning of the year.

The Three Sisters, Katoomba, Blue Mountains National Park.

The Three Sisters, Katoomba, Blue Mountains National Park.

This particular morning was the kind that required little imagination to make sense of the name 'Blue Mountains'.

The thing about the Three Sisters is that even though they've been seen and pictured more times than you could ever count (more than 2 million people visit each year) they always look a little different. The way the light transforms the Jamison Valley, through the day and through the seasons, means this spot offers up something a little different each time you stop by. So tourist trap or not, the Three Sisters is worth a visit.

How to get to the Three Sisters at Katoomba

The Three Sisters is located at Echo Point, which is an easy 30 minute walk (2.5km) from Katoomba Station. If you walk, there are loads of cafes you can stop off at on the way to have some breakfast or grab a coffee.

You can also catch the bus to the Three Sisters. The bus stops just across the road from the train station and takes you through town, down to Echo Point and drops you off right at the lookout. And if you're driving, there's a car park at the lookout (with designated disabled spots too — this Blue Mountains lookout is wheelchair accessible).

From the lookout at Echo Point, there is views of the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, and the Jamison Valley. There is also a visitor information centre where you can fill your water bottle, pick up maps and more information about the area, and use the bathroom.

Giant Stairway to Honeymoon Bridge

To take a closer look at the Three Sisters, head past the visitor information centre and follow the signs to the Giant Stairway. Begin your descent to Honeymoon Bridge which connects with the first 'sister'. From there you can either turn around and head back up to Echo Point, or if you're up for a longer walk, continue down the Giant Stairway to the valley floor.

From the bottom of the Giant Stairway you can connect with Dardanelles Pass to Leura Forest and Cascades, or Federal Pass and the Scenic Railway and Scenic World in the other direction.

Dardanelles Pass is a Blue Mountains walking track that will take you from Katoomba to Leura.

Dardanelles Pass is a Blue Mountains walking track that will take you from Katoomba to Leura.