Regional Weekenders

After a few too many weekends at home in Sydney, I was keen for an out-of-town adventure… somewhere far, far away. I wanted to experience a place I’d never been. I wanted a trip that could fit into my regular life instead of being a break from it.

And that’s how I came to find myself on a train (and then a coach, and then a mini-bus) bound for Condobolin — 450km from where I call home, and precisely the weekend adventure I had in mind.

Now the only question is: where to next? Introducing: Regional Weekenders…

Condobolin is about 450km west of Sydney.

Condobolin is about 450km west of Sydney.

What is Regional Weekenders?

I love the city for all its conveniences. And as far as cities go, Sydney is mighty fine. But from the country to the coast, every place has something special, worth experiencing. That’s what I reckon, anyway.

So, for the next 6 months I’ll be visiting towns around regional NSW on weekend (or long weekend) adventures.

I thought about driving around the state, but I don’t own a car (because a car parking space where I live is eye-wateringly expensive). And the costs of rentals together with the pressure of driving so far had me considering other options. That’s why I decided on making this mission one heavily featuring trains 🚂 *all aboard!*

NSW TrainLink has a travel card called a Discovery Pass. It grants you unlimited travel on the state’s train and coach network within a set time period. I sorted out a pass that’ll see me through to the end of the year — I want to visit lots of places I’ve never been before (and revisit some I have!). Because why not?

I dub it: Regional Weekenders. It’ll be like Sydney Weekender... but with heaps less Sydney, and instead of Mike Whitney, you got me 💁🏻‍♀️ C’mon, let’s go!

Want to follow along? I’ll share about the places I visit over on Instagram (follow me @kateausburn) and here on the blog too.

Now, I’m off to watch Back Roads, listen to Macca’s All Over Australia, and study the regional train and coach network map 🤙🏻