Kate Ausburn

 When I'm not at my laptop, I like to head out to national parks and get super stoked about how great the light is and how awesome mountains are.

When I'm not at my laptop, I like to head out to national parks and get super stoked about how great the light is and how awesome mountains are.

Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm a writer, photographer, and digital content producer.

I work with all sorts of organisations on digital strategy and content production: from global corporations whose innovations influence the way we live and work together, to local nonprofits kicking big goals for the good of the environment and society.


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How I came to be doing this work

I've been building things online for over a decade, writing for as long as I can remember... and photography? I've been doing that for about five years, during which time my photos have appeared in national and international publications.

While in my teens and early twenties, I created a number of websites, including founding a lifestyle blog for young women that covered topics including work, relationships, style, and politics. My blog opened the door to opportunities ranging from brand collaborations, to visiting New York City to cover international diplomatic negotiations at the United Nations.

After a number of years living and working abroad, first in New Zealand, and then in the United Kingdom, I settled back in Sydney to study journalism and ultimately earn a degree in media.

During this time I was writing a weekly political opinion column for a newspaper, as well as maintaining a blog about environmental issues such as mining and climate change. It was this writing that led me to begin managing the website and social media channels of an environmental nonprofit. I went on to engage in this type of digital media work with a range of other advocacy organisations.

This often meant travelling around NSW and beyond, with my camera and laptop, to meet and tell the stories of communities on the front-lines of environmental battles. This work deepened my appreciation, not only of people's resilience, but of the vitality of diverse natural landscapes.

I continue to work with nonprofits and advocacy organisations, as well as businesses, on digital content and strategy.


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I really enjoy the work I do, but between writing, optimising websites, and editing photographs, it does make for an awful lot of time on the laptop... so I'm a big proponent of regular trips and travel.

A couple of weekends out of each month I'll pack my camera and head out — often for a day trip,  and sometimes for the entire weekend. Living in Sydney means being spoiled for choice when it comes to nearby national parks — with Royal National a short way south, the Blue Mountains a couple of hours to the west, and a half dozen others not too far off either.

I often share stories and photographs from my trips on my blog and over on Instagram.

Other stuff I'm into

Road-trips to the country, reading, writing, these guys, finding new places to photograph, cooking plant-based meals, and hiking.

Book, Film, & Podcast Recommendations

📖 Right now I'm reading David Sedaris' Calypso, as well as dipping in and out of Patti Smith's M Train, and Oliver Sacks' The River of Consciousness.

🎥 Like everyone else, I'm falling in love all over again with Jonathan, Tan, Antoni, Karamo, and Bobby while getting stuck into the second season of the rebooted Queer Eye.

🎧 Having finished reading Dolly Alderton's Everything I Know About Love, I've begun listening to The High Low, a weekly pop culture and news podcast that Alderton co-hosts with fellow journalist Pandora Sykes.


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