Shoal Bay

Zenith Beach, Shoal Bay

Isn’t Zenith Beach lovely? Look at the colour of that water. You wouldn’t know it from these photos, but this is winter.

Shoal Bay, NSW
The hour-long hike up the track to the summit of Tomaree Head is worth it for this view over Zenith Beach and Fingal Spit. It’s pretty to look at, but people have died trying to cross that sandbar.

Birds on poles in the sea I wonder if they were all just too frightened to move, fearing another bird would immediately swoop in to snap up their spot?

WattleThe wattle was everywhere, and there were even a few Waratahs still in bloom.

WattleEverywhere! Pretty, though, isn’t it?

At the base of Tomaree Head Summit walk is the World War II gun emplacements of Fort Tomaree. The sign at the fort says it was constructed in 1942, to protect the steelworks at Newcastle and the aerodrome at Williamtown.

A little deeper into the fort and there’s this slightly unnerving vision—a heavy, bolted door, together with a graffitied dedication, and the warning of a dangerous evil.

Shoal Bay

Enough of the port, time to head sea side. The Newcastle Port Stephens Game Fish Club is just up the way, and lunch is on in 20.

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