After Dark on Redhead Beach

Redhead beach shark tower and fire light at night

This is Redhead beach at night. Redhead beach is a popular spot about 25 minutes drive south of Newcastle. The surf club sits at the base of the red rock cliff face of Redhead bluff.

When the surf club first formed in 1907, the beach was private. A few years later in 1911 the beach was opened to the public. The old wooden shark tower you see in the photo below is a local icon, built in 1929, it sits proud atop one of the rocky outcrops in the beach’s shallows.

Shooting these long exposures about an hour after sun down, there were a few different sources of light: some from the nearby surf club that was hosting an evening meeting, a bit from the bright crescent moon, and, of course, the swirling fire-light you see in the image below.

Redhead beach shark tower and fire light at night

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